St Michael's Church Killorglin

St Cartach's Church Castlemaine

History of St James Church Killorglin
(Church of Ireland)

Welcome - Fáilte

Reaching upwards to God − Reaching outwards to others 

We are an inclusive Christ-centred faith community in the Anglican tradition in the heart of Kerry, ready to welcome

any who wish to journey with us, and ready to reach out in support and friendship to those around us.Whoever you are and

wherever you are on your journey in faith, you are welcome.

We Value   

  • Our role and contributions to our wider community
  • Our tradition of care for the young through the School and Sunday School
  • Our tradition of care for the elderly and those who need help, reflected in our fund raising and support of Charities
  • Our tradition of worship, prayer and sacred space

We seek to

  • Sing up and grow in activity and faith
  • Develop our talents and gifts
  • Give not just financially but of ourselves, for the Glory of God, the betterment of society and the fulfillment of each of us
  • Develop our vision of what God is calling us to become
What we Believe. 
Welcome to the web site of the Church of Ireland Parishes of Kilcolman in the diocese of Limerick, Killaloe & Ardfert.

We are glad that you have found us and we hope that you will find the information you need here or by contacting us directly.

About Us

                                                           Kilcolman union is situated at the top of the renowned Ring of Kerry, surrounded by great natural beauty with beaches, forests walking and climbing all in plentiful supply. We cover an area from Inch to Kells bay and inland as far as Currens with two active churches, St. Cartach’s ( some times spelled Carthach, Carthagh or even Carthage) in Castlemaine and St. Michael’s in Killorglin, the newest Church of Ireland Church in the Republic.

We have a vibrant Sunday School and professional organist in St. Michael’s to help our worship life which we try to keep varied and alive. Once a month we have a family service in St. Michael’s and an evening service in St. Cartach’s. We feel that we are a broad church and try to create an environment of caring and fellowship open to all.

We have recently started a number of projects and groups, a book club and a prayer garden project amongst them and enjoy good relations with other groups and churches in the area. The parish runs an annual Sale of Work in the CYMS hall in Killorglin which is locally renowned and stands as a visible testament to the support of the local community for their local Church of Ireland Parish.

We also are lucky to have a Parish National School with great staff and an enrolement in the mid thirties. Parish and school have a very good relationship with the school providing the back bone for our monthly Holy Day services in St. Cartach’s. The school is involved in many extra curicular activities and has won two Green Flages, a great credit to staff and pupils.

The website of the school is www.kiltallaghns.ie or you could click Here to get straight through to the home page of the school


  • Our church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion which has 70 million members in 164 countries.
  • is an apostolic church, maintaining an unbroken link with the early apostles and drawing on the apostolic faith in its teaching and worship.
  • is a Catholic and Reformed church.
  • is able to trace its roots to the earliest days of Irish Christianity.
  • is a church with three orders of sacred ministry − Bishops, Priests and Deacons.
  • has services which follow an accepted liturgical form and structure.
  • has one prayer book − The Book of Common Prayer (2004) − plus other services authorised for use by the General Synod.
  • keeps a balance in doctrine and worship between Word and Sacrament.
  • has the Holy Communion or the Eucharist as its central act of worship.
  • is one church embracing Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • has 390,000 members  248,821 in Northern Ireland and 129,039 in the Republic of Ireland (Census 2011).
  • has two provinces, Armagh and Dublin, each with an Archbishop.
  • has 12 dioceses, over 450 parochial units and over 500 stipendiary clergy
  • is a representative church, with each diocese electing those who will represent them at the General Synod, the ‘Parliament’ of the church.
  • has in its General Synod a House of Bishops which has 12 members and a House of Representatives which has 216 clergy and 432 laity.
  • also has Diocesan Synods where representatives of the parishes meet usually once a year.
  • has a parochial system where decisions at local level are made by Select Vestries whose lay members are elected each Easter by the people of the parish.

   Detailed information about what we believe is available from the the Church Of Ireland APCK Study leaflets, which may be accessed by clicking here.

Eric Champ