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There are 2 reports been written by Eric on how difficult it is to keep the parish finances in order. The 2 articles are here, just click on the titles. Tax Refunds  Parish Finances

We all thank Peter and Pauline for opening their garden on Sunday 26th June whn 220 was collected for church funds. 

Treasure Hunt The treasure hunt held on Sunday 19th July after the service was a great success.  Here is a report on the days activities written by Eric.

It is also the 20th Anniversary of the blessing of the site in Killorglin for the new church and they also suggest that they will faciliate an exhibition of parish life over the last 100 years or so,

So we are looking for following:

Wedding pictures
Christenning pictures
Confirmation pictures
Pictures of the Churches
Pictures of any events held in the parish
Pictures of School events
Memorabilia of any sort

Pictures of the new chuch during the building and consecration 
First Wedding / Baptism etc
Pictures form the old church 
Pictures or any church in the parish.

It is hope to display these and any historical information in the Hall for the Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I will be touch about collecting this information ,

Some photographs of the 2015 Salesof Work held on Saturday 17th October. Just click on the photographs to get afull sized picture.
Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic 

This photograph is of confirmation on Sunday 24th April 2016

Resized JPEG graphic  

Fete Sunday 31st July 2016 

Harvest Festival this year was a fabulous occasion with children bringing the bounty of the land to the altar. Click Here for some photographs which were taken on the day.

Sale of Work 2016 was held on Saturday 22nd October. Click Here to see some thumbnails of the occasion.