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Rev Isabel Keegan and Rev Ann-Marie Stuart will be taking post in April. There will be a service of welcome on Friday 20th April at 7.30 pm with food afterwards at the Manor Inn across the road. Would people that are interested in attending please contact Eric.

Emergency Fuel

There are 2 reports been written by Eric on how difficult it is to keep the parish finances in order. The 2 articles are here, just click on the titles.
 Tax Refunds  Parish Finances

Kilcolman Union of Parishes News Letter. 

Looking ahead.      Subject to the availability of Clergy on the dates.

Sunday 4th Feb Holy Communion instead of Morning Prayer.       Rev Joe Hardy.

Sun 11th Feb Transfiguration Sunday  Holy Communion.    Rev Brian Rogers..

14th Feb - Ash Wed  Holy Communion in Kiltallagh 8pm.   Rev Joe Hardy.

18th Feb Morning Prayer. 1st Sun in Lent.      Barbara

25th Feb Holy Communion. 2nd Sun in Lent.   Rev Brian Rogers.

4th March Morning Prayer.   3rd sun in Lent.     Eric.

11th March Holy Communion  Mothering Sunday.   Rev Brian Rogers.

18th  March Morning Prayer. 5th Sun in Lent.  Barbara.

25th March Holy Communion  Palm Sunday.  Rev Brian Rogers.

30th March Good Friday.   8pm in Killorglin 

1st April Holy Communion  Easter Sunday.  Rev Brian Rogers.

The good news for our parish is that the Bishop has had an application from two ladies who want to come and minister to us for a three year period. They visited the parish on Fri 26th Jan, were interviewed and shown around, with the result that they were offered the job and they accepted it. They should be with us by the end of April. So we have their combined ministry to look forward to and to pray for. They are coming from a parish in the south of England.

It would be good practise if you could follow the Lent Chalenge as supplied by the Bishop.

We still need more people to prepare the tea/coffee & eats after the services on Sundays in Killorglin. This provides an opportunity for parishioners to talk to each other and to share views on issues that matter. It also gives visitors a chance to meet parishioners and it makes them feel really welcome.

The flower rota also needs the addition of more volunteers to help keep the church looking cared for by having a clean carpet with fresh flowers on the pedistals on Sundays.

Both of these rota lists are on the lectern at the back of the church. The tea rota is for one Sunday at a time and the flower rota is for a month at a time. It would be better if two people worked together as a team for these jobs.

We need more people willing to read lessons in Killorglin on Sundays. It provides a good service in many ways. You get a week to practise the readings before the Sunday.

Thank you all for any support you are giving during the vacancy, and there is a lot of it happening.

The Lent Challenge

We all thank Peter and Pauline for opening their garden on Sunday 26th June whn 220 was collected for church funds. 

Treasure Hunt The treasure hunt held on Sunday 19th July after the service was a great success.  Here is a report on the days activities written by Eric.

Some photographs of the 2015 Salesof Work held on Saturday 17th October. Just click on the photographs to get afull sized picture.
Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic Resized JPEG graphic 

This photograph is of confirmation on Sunday 24th April 2016

Resized JPEG graphic  

Fete Sunday 31st July 2016 

Harvest Festival this year was a fabulous occasion with children bringing the bounty of the land to the altar. Click Here for some photographs which were taken on the day.

Sale of Work 2016 was held on Saturday 22nd October. Click Here to see some thumbnails of the occasion.  

Click here for some photographs of Harvest Festival 2017 which was held at St Michael
s church on Sunday 1st October